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Gables & Grove Painting was founded in 2019 with a mission to become the finest and most eco-friendly residential and commercial painting company in Miami. We exist to deliver a phenomenal customer experience by providing quotes on the spot, communicating clearly, and managing work for an end product designed to last. In our vision of a perfect world, home and business owners are enjoying painting projects that are easy, fun, and professional. Our Core Values? Mastery, Ownership, Sustainability. What do those mean to you?


We are one of the Super Greenest & Greatest Painting Companies in the world. Our company inspires respect for all and cares for Earth through its actions, commitments, media, and relationships. We are changing the story of painting. We envision a World of Love, Compassion, and Harmony. We are a positive change in this world, using our organizational and financial power to seed physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth in our communities.

We honor traditional ways while engendering a cutting-edge ethos and ushering in a New and Better World. We provide for our community and our families, ensuring, that every member of our organization has what they need physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This includes everything from good meals and living conditions to happiness to the opportunity to travel, explore and visit with family and friends and everything in between.

How we do this is different from Why. How we do it is by putting our customers first, delivering excellent work and Peace of Mind. We are excited to be here. We’re building riches and fortunes beyond dollars. Our presence here is Changing the World.

We’re having a good laugh and constantly expanding into new territories. We’re actively exploring issues of freedom and liberty and are especially interested in the health of our planet Earth. We understand that all life is interconnected in a circle and that what affects one part of creating affects all the other. This realization guides and influences our decisions in business and our everyday lives. We exist to afford opportunities to everyone involved with us, be it our employees and staff, subcontractors, customers, or the community at large.

To that end, we will hire, train, and grow, individuals and teams that embody this Why.

30 Min or Less

We’re here to help you find answers—and we’ll respond to your question within 30 minutes or less during our office hours.

Free Color Consultations

We are happy to offer free color consultations to aid you in your decision-making process of your painting project.

Painting With A Purpose

By hiring us to paint, it creates opportunities for us to give back to the community and make a meaningful difference.

More Than Painting

We're your go-to resource for all of your home improvement needs. We know the industry inside and out—and if we don't have someone on staff who can do it themselves, we'll know someone who does.

Virtual Quotes

You’ve got a project. You know what it needs to look like, how it should feel, and how it should function. You just don’t know how much it costs. Well, this is the next step.

Fresh Start Membership

Freshen up your brand-new paint job with Gables & Grove Fresh Start. Enjoy regularly scheduled painting, repairs, pressure washing, surface sealing, light bulb changes, and more!



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