Choosing the Best Paint Color for a Kitchen with Dark Cabinets in 2022

Different colors can have different effects on your kitchen. While whites, tans, browns, and greens can create a fairly neutral look, other colors can have a much bigger impact.

Dark cabinets can bring a bold yet surprisingly refined look to a kitchen, which is no doubt why they have recently become more popular. Dark cabinets can come in a variety of different wood types, with some starting with a subtle level of darkness and others venturing into a stark and dark brown or even black. These cabinets can help your kitchen look absolutely amazing—but you will need to finish the look with the rest of your kitchen design. In this article, we will explore the best wall colors for kitchens with dark cabinets in 2022.

Ask Yourself What Style You Are Going For

When you are choosing a color for your kitchen, you will always want to sit down and really consider what kind of style you are aiming for. The color that you choose for your walls will blend together with your dark cabinets and your kitchen decor to create an overall effect. This means that the color that you choose will really influence the look of your kitchen. When you are deciding what kind of style you are going for, there are a few common considerations.

Consider the following:

  • Do you want a classic design?
  • Are you looking for a more neutral design?
  • Do you want something fun and vibrant?
  • Are you aiming for a modern look?
  • Are there any kitchens that you love the look of?

The answers to these questions can help you to decide on your color as you explore your options.

Color Combinations and Their Effects

Different colors can have different effects on your kitchen. While whites, tans, browns, and greens can create a fairly neutral look, other colors can have a much bigger impact. Bright and vibrant colors can provide a beautiful contrast with dark cabinets, giving a decidedly more modern look to your culinary space. Understanding how these cabinets work together to create a look with more depth can help you to make a choice that suits your vision.

Popular Colors for Kitchens with Darker Cabinets

The colors that you choose will be a combination of the style you are looking for and the level of contrast that you want to explore. Lighter colors will create a high level of contrast with dark cabinets, helping your cabinets to stand out and balance the overall appearance of the kitchen. Darker colors will blend together with darker cabinets, giving a smooth and coherent feel to the style.


Though white walls are always breezing in and out of style, they are a very popular option for kitchens with dark cabinets. As far as building contrast goes, few colors can compete with white in design. This color can create a polarized, yet traditional look that many people like. If you are seeking a classic style, this is a great fit.


Some people have stepped away from traditional white, finding it too bold and likely to show dirt. If you want to create a similar effect but aren’t quite sure that stark white is right for you, off-white can be a wonderful alternative. There are many shades available, allowing you to decide what level of contrast is right for you.

Bright Yellow

Vibrant shades of yellow have proven to be a very popular color for kitchens with dark cabinets. This bold and vivacious color is perfect for creating a high level of contrast that looks absolutely stunning. If you want to balance your dark cabinets, bright yellow is a great option. Keep in mind that this color choice is particularly effective for deep and dark colors, like dark gray, dark brown, and even black.


For a more subtle contrast with your cabinets that maintains a bold appearance, teal in all of its shades can be a really great color choice. This blue and green color brings a vibrant look while keeping a darker tone. Many find that it blends classic and modern styles very well. Lighter shades, like colors closer to turquoise, can also offer a brighter look.

Dark Gray

Modern homeowners are embracing dark styles that haven’t been popular in quite a while. For black or similarly dark colors, dark gray walls can offer a mesmerizing look.

Olive Green

Olive green is a color that blends very well with most darker shades. As long as you don’t mind a darker kitchen, you will find that this can bring a surprisingly neutral look that a lot of homeowners love.

Light Green

If darker shades aren’t your preferred look, lighter shades of green can provide a really unique look. Colors in this family will provide a sense of contrast while maintaining that neutral look that all shades of green bring.

Orange or Peach

Oranges and peach shades have grown in popularity in recent years. These colors can blend really well with dark brown cabinets while offering a nice contrast. Depending on what shade you choose, you can create many different looks.


Tan is a classic neutral color that can work to create a neutral and traditional style. This simple color works particularly well with dark brown cabinets because it is in a similar family. However, it still provides a nice level of contrast.

Light Pink

For those who want something charming and fun, light pink walls can be a really great option. This color will create a nice sense of contrast with most types of dark cabinets while adding a playful touch that looks really great—especially with the right kind of decor!

The Takeaway

Dark cabinets can be a part of a dark and traditional design or a bold contrast to more vibrant colors. No matter what you choose, it is important to consider what kind of decor you plan to add to your kitchen. Before you change up your kitchen, ask yourself what your final vision will look like. If you would like help when deciding what color will be right for you, feel free to checkout our instagram to get more inspirational ideas or visit our cabinet painting page to learn more.

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