Discovering the Perfect White Paint for Your Home (using Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore)

White Paint
While pastel hues like soft blues and pinks have always been popular, especially now with Messi’s arrival, there's something new on the horizon. It looks like white is having a moment!

Have you ever noticed as you drive around Miami, there’s a certain color trend that seems to be everywhere? Miami’s known for its vibrant lifestyle and varied architectural styles—from Art Deco to Mediterranean to the “Key West vibe” to modern-cubist, and more! These styles manifest in bold geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and intricate shapes. While pastel hues like soft blues and pinks have always been popular, especially now with Messi’s arrival, there’s been a newcomer on the scene for quite some time now—white paint is having its’ moment! For the better part of the last decade, more and more homes have been swapping out warm colors for light and bright shades, giving Miami’s neighborhoods a fresh, airy feel.

White Paint

Why White Paint?

We reached out to Ruenna Villaflores-Diaz, a Sherwin-Williams Designer Account Executive covering Palm Beach & Broward County, to get her perspective. Here are some key soundbites from that conversation:

  • Light and bright: “Light tones reflect light more effectively, bouncing it around the room and creating a bright and airy atmosphere. White hues create an illusion of space and airiness, making rooms appear larger and more open.”
  • Expanding small spaces: “This [white paint] is particularly beneficial in smaller residential units or rooms where maximizing space is essential.”
  • A healthier home: “The perceived openness creates a sense of freedom and allows for better airflow, contributing to a healthier and more breathable living environment.”
  • Calming and soothing: “White paint colors have a calming effect on the mind and promote a sense of serenity. White walls and furnishings allow the mind to rest, reducing visual clutter and creating a soothing environment that supports mental well-being.”
  • Clean and fresh: “White is commonly associated with cleanliness, making it an ideal choice for spaces where hygiene is paramount. White surfaces can also enhance the visibility of dirt or stains, prompting residents to maintain a higher level of cleanliness.”
  • In conclusion… “…by incorporating white paint colors in residential design with a focus on health, safety, and wellness, designers can create spaces that promote cleanliness, visual clarity, natural light optimization, versatility, airiness, positive mood, and emotional well-being. These principles applied using white colors contribute to a healthy and supportive living environment, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.”

What is Trending?

When it comes to choosing white paint, customers often express a desire for something bright or an off-white paint shade, for the interior and the exterior but they’re often unsure about the specific options available. With dozens to choose from, the selection process can be overwhelming. To shed some light on the matter, we turned to Rue to discover which colors are flying off the shelves the most.

According to Rue, “In the South Florida area, we typically see a lot of SW7005 Pure White, SW7014 Eider White, SW7008 Alabaster, and SW7004 Snowbound. It’s interesting to note that white interiors are gaining popularity for the reasons mentioned earlier. While working with multiple single-family HOAs, we’ve observed that they tend to offer more gray or beige neutral options for exteriors.”

White Paint
White Paint

What have we noticed?

Popular Exterior White Paint Colors

Sherwin-Williams: High Reflective White and Extra White, in addition to Pure White and Alabaster

Benjamin Moore: Chantilly Lace, Swiss Coffee, White Dove, Pure White

But Wait, Theres More…

Andrew Chisena, CEO here at Gables & Grove Painting, provides an insider’s perspective on why we choose the products we do. “Sherwin Williams Loxon Masonry is the benchmark primer in South Florida—for both new construction and new stucco, and previously painted surfaces we use Loxon Conditioner. It’s hard to find a match.

The Sherwin topcoat products offer solid protection against South Florida elements—these products are UV resistant, inhibit mold and mildew and other issues related to our humid environment.

We can use Sherwin’s Duration in a 2-coat system, so fewer coats are needed. It’s 1x coat primer + 1x coat Duration and it’s backed by an 8-year Warranty. We offer this as an option on our quotes so that prospective customers can save on 1x coat of labor while protecting their home with a really thick coating…and that can be add up to anywhere between $300 and $1000 of savings (even though Duration is more expensive).

Have a front door that you want to refresh? “We like Benjamin Moore’s Aura Grand Entrance, which is designed specifically for front doors. Beautiful color and the luxurious finish are expected of the Aura line of BM paints. Andrew continues, “Sure, we could use expensive Benjamin Moore paints on exteriors, but that more luxurious BM finish is better suited to interiors…”

Speaking of Benjamin Moore, it’s our other preferred brand for a variety of reasons. Andrew says, “First and foremost, color. BM has a greater selection of whites, a deeper roster. Really nice color palette at BM which lends itself to interiors. Aura is the top-top of the line, expensive, but premium. Regal is also high quality, and also on the higher end of price spectrum. Which is why ben (yes, with a lowercase ‘b’!) is a great option—amazing BM quality and colors at a competitive price point. Painters like to work with the thicker BM paint on interiors, helping them to avoid common painting problems like holidays or flashing. Critical on interiors.”

Furthermore, Andrew mentions, “Also, these are No or Low VOC paints, so it’s healthier for applicators, homeowners, and their families. Ben’s Natura is one of the greenest paints available, great for bedrooms and nurseries. BM Scuff-X is stain and scuff-resistant, so a really great option for interiors as well. Great for kids, pets, hallways, kitchens, etc.”


As Mother’s Day approaches, and you’ve gained insight into upcoming white paint trends and the ideal products to bring your vision to life, the only question remaining is: When will you embark on transforming your space into something truly special? Or better yet, into something that special woman in your life will adore? We’re playing that card because we know how much it means! Treat the woman you love by revamping that bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom into the sanctuary she deserves.

With white paint taking the spotlight, we’re your trusted guides to make your vision a reality. Let us serve you today and bring your dream space to life.

Coming up next: a deeper dive into white paint for interiors and on cabinets!

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