8 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Painting Contractor

Painting Contractor
Hiring a painting contractor: We integrate a large-organization professional approach with the customer service and peace of mind of a small company. 

Having your home or any building on your property painted can be a big lesson in trust. While the idea of having a newly painted home is exciting, you still have to find the right team for the job. Chances are that there are quite a few local painters in your area—but not all painters work at the same level. Being able to spot a painter that can provide everything that is needed means knowing exactly what to look for. In this article, we will explore the most important considerations when hiring a painting contractor.

Experienced Painting Contractor

Painting is a skill, and it is one that takes quite a bit of time to develop. While most people can learn how to paint, general education really only takes the process so far. True talent in painting comes from practice—and not just hours spent painting, but time spent painting in different settings.

An experienced painting contractor will work like a well-designed machine in your home. They will know where everyone needs to be, know how to get the perfect spread and shade, and know how to avoid any potential mishaps. Hiring a painting contractor that has experience means investing in a team that will deliver good results.

Happy Customers

No one will tell you about the good and the bad when it comes to companies quite like other customers. Any time that you begin your search for a new company to work with, their reviews should always be a key point of consideration. You want a painting contractor that has good reviews—at least in general. A company that has a few bad reviews doesn’t mean that they are a bad company. However, look for the trends in the reviews. They can tell you a lot about the quality and customer service that your painters will bring.

Eco-Friendly Business Practices

The environment has quickly become one of the biggest considerations for many of us, and being eco-friendly is even more important for businesses. Businesses, with their reach, often find themselves using more resources than the average individual. This also means that they have the unique ability to really put their best foot forward with eco-friendly practices.

Businesses that use eco-friendly practices are committed to serving themselves, their clients, and the world too. In the modern age, companies that are not trying to be eco-friendly are behind the curve. More people want companies that engage in eco-friendly practices and put the planet first. Find the ones that do!

Easy Online Scheduling

Scheduling an appointment can be quick and easy or a total pain to deal with. Generally, the difference comes down to the process involved. A painting contractor that handles its own scheduling using a typical calendar can be fairly difficult to schedule with. You will have to personally call in, sort out the details, and hope that it gets written down correctly.

Fortunately, systems make scheduling a breeze. A scheduling system can allow you to pick a day that works for you and that you know is available. The system itself will add in the schedule and map everything out, which means you won’t be stuck waiting for a call back or wondering when your painters will show up.

Same-Day Quotes

Quotes are a tricky business any time that you work with the painting industry–but they really shouldn’t be. Some painting companies will make you wait for days before they will tell you what they believe your appointment will cost. This is a problem, and it can leave you waiting even longer before you can get your home painted.

Established painting contractors will know exactly how to quote you for most projects, and they should be able to provide these insights fairly quickly. A company that isn’t sure how much to charge you is more likely to overcharge you, and it can even be an indication of a lack of experience. Look for someone who can get you the quote that you need quickly.

Absolute Transparency

Transparency is easily one of the most important considerations when you work with a company. You will want to focus on working with companies that are open and honest with you. Having a company that is transparent working on your home means that you will never find yourself wondering what is going on. These companies will be completely straightforward and honest with you. More importantly, they will keep you informed every step of the way.

Services that Meet Your Needs and Preferences

Every single home and homeowner is different. We all have different needs and preferences. You likely don’t want to work with someone who offers a one-size-fits-all approach to every client they work with. Instead, you want to work with someone who understands your personal needs and can adapt to them. Adaptability plays a key role in your experience when working with painters. Find someone who can meet you on your level and help you to find the best path forward.

Exceptional Customer Service

Nothing is more important for a good experience than customer service. Even the most talented painting contractor in the world will fall short if they provide an unpleasant experience for their clients. You want to work with someone who is dedicated to providing you with a good experience–not just a good coat of paint. The way that different companies approach their business can often determine how you feel after the fact. Find a painting company that cares about your needs and wants to provide you with a good experience, not just a job well-done.

The Takeaway

There are plenty of talented local painters, and many of them are committed to providing high-quality work with great lasting results–but not all painters are on the same level. At Gables & Grove, we provide only the best for our clients. From eco-friendly business practices to easy scheduling and same-day quotes, we provide our clients with everything that they need to feel comfortable. The best part? We’re pretty exceptional at painting homes too!

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