SYSTEXX vs Traditional Painting

Applying paint directly to walls has been common for generations, but like every other major process, it can be improved with the right technology. Fiberglass wall coverings can be a great opportunity to improve the process of painting your home. Though standard paint can provide a great appearance, SYSTEXX wall finish is one leading brand that is perfect for Miami homes and slowly making regular painted walls a thing of the past. Let’s explore SYSTEXX–Miami’s best wall upgrade!

What is SYSTEXX?

SYSTEXX is a leader in fiberglass wall finish. These coverings are designed to easily cover your existing walls, adding an additional layer to them that is perfect for application prior to painting. With SYSTEXX, you gain all the benefits of adding an invisible barrier to your wall–and so much more.

The SYSTEXX wall coverings are not just one standalone product. In fact, this company has created a variety of different options, allowing you to alter every room in your home to add a great touch of style. From standard and flat to a variety of textures, SYSTEXX wall coverings can accommodate a ton of different design preferences. Whether you want something that flies below the radar or something that really stands out, SYSTEXX can make it possible. After it is applied, paint can be applied with ease.

How SYSTEXX Outshines Regular Painting

With SYSTEXX, Miami residents gain an entire collection of benefits that simply do not exist when you just paint your walls. You might think that painting on your walls alone is fine–and it is–but with SYSTEXX, you can get so much more from your walls and your home’s appearance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more prominent benefits that come with choosing SYSTEXX wall coverings.

Great Look

Without question, SYSTEXX creates some of the best-looking finishes on the market. Since they offer so many different patterns, it is really easy for Miami residents to find one that suits their style. In fact, some people even choose different patterns for each room in the home, giving the entire home a more textured feel.

SYSTEXX wall coverings are remarkably consistent, so you can rest easy knowing that they will offer a seamless design. You won’t be able to tell that these coverings are on the wall at all, but your walls will look great because of them. It’s a wonderful and subtle upgrade that can have a big impact, replacing your standard walls with something better.

Exceptional Coverage

Coverage is a major concern when it comes to wall coverings. After all, it is in the name. With SYSTEXX, you can rest assured that the coverage will be able to match all of the space on your walls. It is easy to apply and will do a great job of covering existing wall types. Even if your wall has some mild texture, we have the ability to cover it completely with a little hard work and SYSTEXX wall finish. 

Though it is important that SYSTEXX can cover your walls, these finishes actually go one step further and improve your walls. With SYSTEXX, you don’t just get simple coverage–you get complete freedom from existing imperfections. It is perfectly normal for homes to end up with cracks in the walls over time, but with SYSTEXX, you can say goodbye to those old cracks and hello to fresh and smooth walls that look brand new.

Damage Resistant

Since a wall finish goes on underneath paint, it is very important for it to be able to resist damage. Really, most traditional walls are not very resistant to damage. The last thing that anyone wants to deal with is a torn finish. To fully correct it, you might end up needing to replace the finish entirely, depending on your preferences. This is why SYSTEXX wall coverings are made with durability in mind.

SYSTEXX wall finish is completely resistant to impacts, offering great protection against life’s tiny mistakes. Your walls will be more secure than ever. Most of us have experienced tripping into a wall or a child or pet scratching one. While a wall covering can only do so much, SYSTEXX is remarkably durable against physical damage and actually protects the wall underneath. This means you can simply touch up your paint and move on if any damage is done.

Not only does SYSTEXX resist physical damage, but it is also resistant to fire too, giving your walls a huge boost. Homeowners always worry about the potential for a housefire, even in the humid state of Florida. With SYSTEXX, you can rest easy knowing that your wall–and home–has an added layer of protection in the event of a fire.

Mold Resistant

Mold is a notable and unpleasant problem in Miami that is known to plague walls, and it is one that homeowners are always struggling to deal with. SYSTEXX’s material is resistant to mold, allowing you to rest easy knowing that mold is less likely on these surfaces. With SYSTEXX, Miami residents can push back against dangerous mold.

Fast Drying

The same humidity that makes it easy for mold to grow in Miami makes it hard for anything to dry. Fortunately, this is one more area where SYSTEXX really goes the extra mile. These coverings are made to dry quickly, even in areas with more than enough moisture to go around. This cuts down on project time and makes it easy for your preferred SYSTEXX Miami team to get right to painting.

Easy to Install

Installation is always a concern for homeowners because every homeowner knows what it means–a high price tag. Fortunately, SYSTEXX is easy to install. This cuts down on labor costs and also makes it possible for you to get this wonderful change quickly and easily. You can receive all of these benefits in no time–and for a reasonable price. Your local experts can install SYSTEXX wall finish easily, allowing you to jump right to painting.

Enjoy SYSTEXX with Gables & Grove Today

Regular painting is a great option, but it is no longer the best. Choosing to include wall coverings underneath your paint can come with a variety of benefits, allowing you to enjoy a home that looks great and brings some additional perks with it. With SYSTEXX, Miami residents have everything to gain. To learn more about how SYSTEXX wall finish can be combined with paint to create the perfect look for your home, contact our experts at Gables & Grove today!

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